Standing up to anti-social behaviour

It is with very sad news that last weekend the recreation area at Gunhild Close was vandalised. Some of the brand new play equipment was burnt and there was dangerous broken glass scattered around the play area entrance. I reported this to the council and to the police.  Here is a link to the story […]

Why I’m standing in Queen Edith’s

This election is about Queen Edith’s, the streets where you, your families and your friends live. This election is about protecting the very best of Queen Edith’s while at the same time finding solutions to local problems as they arise. That’s why I want to be your voice, your Labour councillor on the Labour run […]

Goodbye Nigel, the People’s Mayor

Son, brother, husband, union official, member, councillor, Mayor, On Friday we said goodbye to our dear friend Nigel Gawthrope, Mayor of Cambridge. Nigel was one of the good guys, universally popular and a genuine friend to everyone in the Party. I’m always touched that when you attend a funeral you see more aspects of a […]

We are almost there

We’ve had months of campaigning and we are now almost at polling day. Please make sure you know which polling station you will be voting at? This election is about local decisions which have a huge impact on the community’s life here in Queen Edith’s. I was very happy to answer questions at the Queen […]

I am standing to be your local champion in Queen Edith’s

I want Queen Edith’s to be a better place for people to live, to raise a family and retire. I am standing because I know that together we as a community can make the difference, we can sort our parking problems and stand up to poor development. I ask that you give me your vote […]

We, together, saved 291 Hills Road

I am beyond delighted that we managed to save 291 Hills Road. Activists and local residents came together and made the case why we need to save buildings like 291 rather than demolish them. Well done team QE!  

Queen Edith’s development

In this video I reflect on the fact that Queen Edith’s ward faces huge development pressure. But that we need to see more affordable and social housing as well as development that matches the character of the area.    

Standing up for Queen Edith’s

I am delighted to announce that I am standing as Labour candidate in Queen Edith’s ward in the City elections this May. In 2013, not long after moving to Cambridge, I met and fell in love with my wife for the first time in Queen Edith’s. Since then, I have always held the area close […]

We stand together to save 291 Hills Road

During the ‘mini beast’ activists and residents braved the cold to stand up for 291 Hills Road. Please watch the video we made?  

The make or break budget

This is budget week. Hammond is locked into a political and economic bind which will most likely restrict his ability to be able to balance the partisan tightrope he treads. Brexit has shaken the economic inheritance of Osborne and clouds the way ahead. This budget could well be the saving or breaking of his career […]

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