Dan Greef

Labour Parliamentary Candidate South Cambridgeshire


Post election reflection

The dust has settled and another election is over. It’s a strange result and I don’t think anyone is enthusiastic about it, except perhaps the SNP. The Conservatives have

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Good and bad news ratio = 1:4

Happy birthday your Majesty. A historic time for our nation and the largest media story for the tail end of last week. So it is of no surprise to

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Vote Leave lies (sigh)

Brexit has been a large part of the headlines for so long now that it is surprising to hear that the campaigns only officially started last week. One sound

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Most of us in this together?

A week is a long time in politics and this one has been even longer for our Prime Minister. It seems like an age since the budget and subsequent

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Steel betrayal

  Remember this? The news was only interested in Corbyn and his ‘will he, won’t he’ wear White Tie, or say something controversial or head-butt the President of the

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Weak, weak, weak!

What an amazing week in politics! Yes I know Iain Duncan Smith has enacted some of the most draconian cuts to our countries most vulnerable people. Yes I’m convinced

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An End to 15 Minute Care Visits

Andy Burnham has today announced that the next Labour government will introduce a powerful new package of rights and support for older people to transform care and help keep

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NHS Mental Health in Crisis

Here’s the first of our ‘Guest Blogs’ this week from people working in the NHS Me…. I am a psychologist. I trained for 7 years. I treat adult patients

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Do you believe in a fairer Britain?

Do you believe in a fairer Britain? I do. We need to make this country work for the people who work for it. We have seen the cost of living

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