Dan Greef

Labour Parliamentary Candidate South Cambridgeshire

2017 General Election

Hustings season ends

The hustings have ended. As always I really enjoy meeting people and having conversations. It’s such an honour to know that as candidates we are standing up for free

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Talk not terror

We’ve all seen the barbaric events unfolding in London last night.  I’m appalled and disgusted by these criminals and their actions. National campaigning has been suspended for a day

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Fox Hunting

As a candidate in an election, I have received many emails about Fox Hunting & how both Theresa May and Tim Farron wish to repeal the ban. Fox Hunting is

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Voting Labour in South Cambs

I met up with Georgie, Ian, Tim and Sue to find out why they are voting Labour in South Cambridgeshire. Please watch this video and share!

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