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Fox Hunting

As a candidate in an election, I have received many emails about Fox Hunting & how both Theresa May and Tim Farron wish to repeal the ban. Fox Hunting is an issue that is clearly close to people’s hearts in South Cambs and here’s my response.

Voting Labour in South Cambs

I met up with Georgie, Ian, Tim and Sue to find out why they are voting Labour in South Cambridgeshire. Please watch this video and share!

Only Labour can stop the Tories fracking our countryside…

I think our countryside is beautiful in South Cambridgeshire. I want to make sure it is kept safe for future generations.  You only have to see how the Tories have ridden over the democratic decisions of the people of Lancashire to find out what would happen if Shale Gas was discovered in South Cambs! Please […]

Do you believe in a fairer Britain?

Do you believe in a fairer Britain? I do. We need to make this country work for the people who work for it. We have seen the cost of living increase with higher household bills, an increase of low paid jobs for zero hours work and tax cuts for those that should be paying more. We […]