Dan Greef

Labour Parliamentary Candidate South Cambridgeshire


Post referendum reflection

I’ve avoided writing anything for a couple of weeks as the seismic rumble of the political landscape moved beneath my feet. Coming to terms with the decision in the

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South Cambs is stronger in the EU

I met up with Heidi Allen MP, Simon Saggers and Sebastian Kindersley my co-candidates in the general election last year. We decided to get together to discuss why we

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A positive case for the EU

Negative, fear mongering and petulant are the words I have been told as I asked members of the public in Cambridge the other day what they thought about the

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Referendum Hyperbole

The EU referendum campaign is trudging on and the key argument from both sides of the Tory campaigns is to be very afraid of the future if the other

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Vote Leave lies (sigh)

Brexit has been a large part of the headlines for so long now that it is surprising to hear that the campaigns only officially started last week. One sound

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