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The make or break budget

This is budget week. Hammond is locked into a political and economic bind which will most likely restrict his ability to be able to balance the partisan tightrope he treads. Brexit has shaken the economic inheritance of Osborne and clouds the way ahead. This budget could well be the saving or breaking of his career […]

Most of us in this together?

A week is a long time in politics and this one has been even longer for our Prime Minister. It seems like an age since the budget and subsequent fall out. Cameron managed to stretch the suspense like a bad action film over seven days finally admitting that he must take the blame over the […]

It’s private…not now…I used to, but!…

Cameron’s tax affairs are starting to look ridiculous. Yesterday (7/4/16) at Exeter university he decided to stop having interviews with the press so as to “draw a line under days of scrutiny about his late father’s Panama and Bahamas-based trust.” “David Cameron tackled by Exeter student over his father’s tax affairs” (The Guardian) However one […]