Goodbye Nigel, the People’s Mayor

Son, brother, husband, union official, member, councillor, Mayor,

On Friday we said goodbye to our dear friend Nigel Gawthrope, Mayor of Cambridge. Nigel was one of the good guys, universally popular and a genuine friend to everyone in the Party. I’m always touched that when you attend a funeral you see more aspects of a person than you did in your particular interactions. What was clear was that as a son, a brother, a husband, a union official, a councillor and as Mayor, Nigel was a passionate, loving, caring, popular and decent man. We heard stories from his family about his childhood and his young life. Cllr Kevin Price reflected on his time fighting for his members in his trade union activities. We heard from his wife Jenny how he lit up Cambridge as a friendly, energetic and passionate Mayor.

Through the sadness at his loss we all celebrated his life, which ended far too soon. No more so than with the motor bike procession before his funeral which was an apt tribute to Nigel.

One of the most moving moments for me personally was a poem called ‘The Union Man’ read by his good friend and colleague Cllr Price. The last verse sounded as if it was written for Nigel:

“But who will know I’ve come this way

When I have reached Life’s span

If nothing else just let them say

He was a union man”

Goodbye and rest in peace Nigel, a good friend, comrade and the people’s Mayor.

Dan Greef