My visit to Bassingbourn children’s centre

  I have been visiting children’s centres around Cambridgeshire meeting parents who, like me, are very concerned about the closure of children’s centres. These centres are a key life line to some families and offer support to children and parents.  

Save the Children street stalls

Tash and I have had a busy week in Cambridge, Sawston and Cambourne. We were able to have a number of conversations with members of the public about the importance of the foreign aid budget. I won’t pretend that everyone was in favour, however most were and filled in a post card for either Daniel Zeichner […]

Daniel Zeichner tells me about the closure of the children’s centres

I was able to meet Daniel Zeichner MP who explained the impact of the closure of the children’s centres across Cambridge and into Cambridgeshire. Daniel has been a life long advocate for the children’s centres and was very critical of the Tory County Council not wanting to get the money from other sources.Children’

Save the Children campaign

    Earlier this summer I was contacted by Natasha (Tash) a politics student at the UEA who spends her summers back home in Cambourne. She is a volunteer with Save the Children and wondered if we could make a political campaign for the charity to raise awareness with the public of the foreign aid […]

Interview on Cambridge 105, day after general election 2017

    I was invited to give an interview with Cambridge 105 on the afternoon of 9th June, the day after the general election. I’ve had about an hour of sleep by this point so please excuse any lack of concentration!

Hustings season ends

The hustings have ended. As always I really enjoy meeting people and having conversations. It’s such an honour to know that as candidates we are standing up for free speech when our country is being attacked by those who fear it. If you were not able to attend any of the hustings then please feel […]

Talk not terror

We’ve all seen the barbaric events unfolding in London last night.  I’m appalled and disgusted by these criminals and their actions. National campaigning has been suspended for a day out of respect to the victims as is the right thing to do. Locally we are able to continue campaigning, so I say we should go […]

School Funding Cuts in South Cambridgeshire

Our schools in South Cambridgeshire are being forced into having to write to parents to inform them about how woefully pitiful the funding from the government has become. If you are a parent then you may have seen this letter already – it is disgraceful that if the Tories win on Thursday, then local Headteachers will […]

I am asked about nationalisation: Shelford hustings 2017

Here is my answer to a question about nationalising the water and rail companies.

Fox Hunting

As a candidate in an election, I have received many emails about Fox Hunting & how both Theresa May and Tim Farron wish to repeal the ban. Fox Hunting is an issue that is clearly close to people’s hearts in South Cambs and here’s my response.

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