It’s private…not now…I used to, but!…

Cameron’s tax affairs are starting to look ridiculous. Yesterday (7/4/16) at Exeter university he decided to stop having interviews with the press so as to “draw a line under days of scrutiny about his late father’s Panama and Bahamas-based trust.” “David Cameron tackled by Exeter student over his father’s tax affairs” (The Guardian) However one student was not perturbed by the free speech shut down and suggested that Cameron has “personal experience” about tax avoidance.
Cameron has flip-flopped over this for far too long and the deceit is really starting to tarnish his personal political reputation. He could have dealt with this when he said he’d publish his earnings in 2012 and didn’t. He was “relaxed” about the public knowing how much he earns and how much tax he pays. “I’m paid handsomely as PM, says Cameron who is ‘relaxed’ about publishing tax returns on £142,500 salary and rental income” (Daily Mail)

He also could have been honest on Monday when we were told that this was a ‘private matter’, then later that he doesn’t currently and will not benefit in the future from his father’s offshore funds. Now we find out that he did benefit by around £30,000 from a stake in his father’s offshore investments but sold up in 2010 before he became PM (but only just before!)
In many ways he has made a bigger story out of this mess by dripping the facts out and being as obstructive as he can. This surely must point to a desire to deceive us, the public and to cover up what he knows to be immoral!
As always with team Crosby I fully expect the up and coming news story attack on Corbyn, an offensive controversial dead cat statement from Cameron or maybe something as polished and deceptive as this answer evasion by Osborne when asked if he has benefited from offshore funds.

Enjoy this video. (Telegraph)