Standing up for Queen Edith’s

I am delighted to announce that I am standing as Labour candidate in Queen Edith’s ward in the City elections this May.

In 2013, not long after moving to Cambridge, I met and fell in love with my wife for the first time in Queen Edith’s. Since then, I have always held the area close to my heart and made many friends within the community.


Recently on the doorstep a local resident said “The problem is, we always get forgotten in Queen Edith’s .” I agree with them. The reason I want to be your councillor is because I think it’s about time we had a change of voice, an effective voice standing up for the community. This election directly affects your local quality of life.


I will work with the biomedical campus to reduce the traffic and parking congestion in our streets. I will stand up to anti-social development that doesn’t deliver affordable housing but profits at the community’s expense. I will fight to protect our neighbouring green belt land and I will be your champion so that we, together, keep the character of Queen Edith’s, a unique part of a great city.

Dan Greef