Why I’m standing in Queen Edith’s

This election is about Queen Edith’s, the streets where you, your families and your friends live. This election is about protecting the very best of Queen Edith’s while at the same time finding solutions to local problems as they arise. That’s why I want to be your voice, your Labour councillor on the Labour run City Council. A Council that has already delivered 242 new council homes citywide and invested £100,000 in the climate change fund. 

Our city is growing; however, Cambridge’s growth should never come at the cost of our local community’s wellbeing.  Queen Edith’s is at the forefront of this change and faces huge challenges including increased parking in residential streets, insatiable housing development and the huge growth of the biomedical campus. I am standing because Queen Edith’s needs a strategy that focuses on the best interests of local people.

First and foremost, I will listen to what you, the residents of Queen Edith’s, are saying about the issues affecting you. I will work with the biomedical campus to reduce traffic and parking congestion in our streets. I will stand up to anti-social development that doesn’t deliver affordable housing but profits at the community’s expense. I will fight to protect our neighbouring green belt land and I will be your champion so that we, together, keep the character of Queen Edith’s: a unique part of a great city.